Daily Commute

Scaling for Daily Commute

It's often not possible to get all cast and crew to complete an onboarding form. As a result Daily Commute emissions have the ability to be scaled in accordance with the shoot size.Turning scaling on
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Emissions from Daily Commute

In order to calculate the emissions from the daily commute of cast and crew, Greenlit applies the following methodology:Cast and crew are invited to fill in an onboarding form for the production.
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Proximal Commuting

You in your Production Details you have the option of including or excluding Proximal Commuting.Proximal Commuting relates to any travel strictly between a Home location, and a non-home location (in
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Auto Populate

When the Auto Populate option is on for a shoot day or period, anybody who completes an onboarding form is automatically added to that shoot day or period. This is useful at the start of production
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Default Sync

The Default Sync control on each cast and crew member in the commute allows you to sync that crew member up with their corresponding Cast & Crew Defaults. This means that when you change the
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Cast & Crew

When somebody Onboards to the production, they are automatically added to your Cast & Crew Defaults list under Commute Defaults.Each day or period has a Cast & Crew page. Here you can add
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Commute Route

The Commute Route control allows you to specific whether an individual commuted to either All locations, or to their Work start only. You would select Work start only for example, when the
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Cast & Crew Locations

When viewing the cast & crew pages in Daily Commute, you will notice that there is a column entitled Locations. This column holds the information for the locations which are unique to that
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