Hotkeys And Shortcuts

Deleting a Single or Multiple Rows

Select a cell in each row you would like to delete.Press the DEL key.Confirm. You can delete individual rows also by using the rubbish bin icon at the end of the row.
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Editing Multiple Cells

This can be achieved by selecting the cells you want to edit, then clicking the Edit button. If multiple rows are selected then the values will show up as multiple values in the edit box. Changing
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Editing a Cell

Commence an edit: You can begin edit a cell by either double-clicking on it, pressing ENTER, or pressing an alphanumeric character while it is selected.You can also commence an edit by selecting
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Navigating and Selecting Cells

You can navigate through cells with the arrow keys or by clicking on a cell with your mouse. Holding SHIFT while clicking or using the arrows will expand your selection. If using the mouse, it will
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