The Default Sync control on each cast and crew member in the commute allows you to sync that crew member up with their corresponding Cast & Crew Defaults. This means that when you change the people in the Cast & Crew Defaults, that person's details will change on all shoot day or periods which are set to Default Sync.

A good way of working is to leave all cast and crew with Default Sync on for all shoot days and periods as you onboard people. You can then turn it off for each shoot day and period individually as you work through the data and complete the details. 

Interaction with Complete/Open

Before marking a shoot day or period as Complete, it is a good idea to mark all people on this day as Default Sync off. While a shoot day or period is Complete the person's details won't be updated (even if they have Default Sync on), however if you choose to Open it again then any changes to that person's details will re-trigger the Default Sync (alternatively, if you turn it Open again, immediately go and set those with Default Sync on to off).

One of the functions you can perform allows you to do this with all people at once.

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